A passionate fisherman of dubious ability. He is particularly keen on fishing whilst on holidays, finding it a great way to relax but rarely if ever, does he catch anything. He keeps a small boat the Dolphin Princess on the South Coast of Australia near Adelaide where it is rumoured the local fishermen believe he is a threat to the reputation of their fishing grounds. Recently Rogers found his mooring cut and this has made him even more determined to fish there.

Learning from his mistakes he recently bought new fish hooks but sadly this and other hearsay tricks of the trade don’t seem to be working. He would like to be thought of as a Hunter-Gatherer but sadly his wife cannot rely on him; always having frozen back up available.

A professional winemaker of great repute, Rogers is never happier than when in his old fishing apparel. When relaxing, he loves to link wine/vineyards to rivers/beaches. It is his love of fine wine, good food and the outdoor life that introduced him to his London wine merchant friend Rufus.

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